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Our Memories are the most valuable treasure we have, Thus the need for capturing them in the best way possible. Photography is the way of keeping those memories for ever.

First of all, Thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Alexander, And I'm a local proffesional photographer of Santorini. I grew up in the world of wedding photography and long photo sessions due to my family's history of Photographers.

Even though I've been in the photography business of Santorini for many years, I studied and followed the career even further in Athens. Santorini Photography is my passions And I love being able to make other people's vacations into beautifully edited memories! In my website you'll find my most recent works and the stories behind each picture, The Island of Santorini has so much to offer to the creative mind that every photography tour we have is a whole new experience and an other creative adventure for me and my guests. If you like stories and want to see my works. Click to view my personal blog about Santorini Photography Tours and Wedding Photography below!

The key to a great day of Photography is the connection between, the photographer and his models. So my clients will always get the Greek hospitality and the friendliness that we've grown to learn so they feel comfortable through the whole day and most of all have fun!

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Alexander S. - a professional photgrapher & Santorini Local